Quality Control & Policy

Microplex encourages the quality-in-all-we-do philosophy to enhance the relations with farmers.

We are committed to produce consistent quality products with total reliability our analytical laboratories are well equipped with sophisticated instruments like Atomic Absorption, Spectophoto meter, Flame photometer, Photoclarimeter, PH meter, Moisture meter & all internationally required testing equipments. These are supervised by a team of competent trained technicians.

Our testing procedures have to go through different levels :-
All raw materials are tested before they are taken for production and accepted only if found satisfactory as per laid down norms.
Before packing the material of each batch is throughly & vigorously tested as per laid-down specification and only after through verification the material is released.
Before releasing the material for sale, our quality control managers inspect the material and random samples are drawn after due verification & testing of finished goods in all respects it is released for sale.


To maintain the continuity of improvement of products quality and management systems.
To enhance the farmers satisfaction by offering the best value-for-money and timely deliveries of farm-inputs.
To provide the comprehensives solutions of all kinds of farm problems being faced by farmers.

Future Plan

We have been engaged with Agri-business since 1999 and have good marketing contacts and reputation as well as a good network of sales. Considering the present market trends , people's extreme faith in us & vast gap between demand and supply of farm inputs, our prime motive is to bridge the gap between demand & supply by harnessing the potential of Agri-business sector.